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Welcome plant parents and recovering plant killers. Let's grow a succulent army. 

Egg Carton Elite


Round III opens Spring 2020

Egg Carton Elite is a six week Propagation 101 course. I'll provide lush leaves, a how-to guide, & my full succulent support.

What started as a hobby has grown into a community of succulent lovers from across the world. I have learned from countless succulents [healthy and accidentally sacrificed]. 

Now, it’s your turn to propagate. With love, sunshine, and juuust enough water, you’ll grow your own blooms. Subscribe below for updates.


Propagation 101


Available now in my shop or Etsy store.

Are you a recovering succulent killer, too? 

No need to worry. Propagation 101 is a how-to guide created to educate others on succulent propagation and care. 

I've teamed up with Stav Creative to bring you a stunning propagation how-to guide. It's exactly what I needed as a propagation beginner. I can't wait to share my secrets and see what you grow.

Hi, I'm Summer


My experience growing succulents started small. A friend gave me a chicken feeder with 10+ starts. Green and adorable, they were the first casualties due to overwatering and too much sun. oops.

For the past 3 years, I have experimented with different types of pots and tinkered with soil composition. I’ve rescued succs infested with bugs and unintentionally killed others. 

The most important thing to remember about growing succulents is to

Be patient with your plants AND yourself.