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What up, Succa


are you really a scientist?


I am a self-proclaimed Succulent Scientist and plant addict. I have grown from lots of experimenting. My methods have been finessed over the past few years. I have my B.A. in Public Health and am currently in a Master's Program to become a Physician Assistant.  

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What is your secret to growing succulents?


Patience. Propagating succulents is a process of growth from leaf to bloom. It takes time. Don't be discouraged by your "failures". Use them as opportunities to grow. 

With patience, sun, and just enough water, you'll be growing your own blooms within weeks. 

The Basics



No matter your propagation medium, it's important to start with supple, intact leaves. 

I allow 3-5 days for ends to callus in dry, indirect sunshine.



My succs grew slowly or shriveled away when I first began experimenting. They were severely under watered. Succulents need water to thrive, but they don’t like to sit soggy.



Many succulents have a natural farina. It is a powdery substance covering leaves. When sprucing, take care to handle succulent leaves on the underside. Succulents may burn without their protection.